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Features which make Patek Philippe Watches valuable

In this article, we will give you complete and the best information about the Features which make Patek Philippe Watches valuable.

In general, Patek Philippe is the best brand in every big Swiss horloger. Why does this really happen?

Patek Philippe’s popularity is explained by seven factors, by Rüdiger Bucher, Editorial Director of WatchTime’s German sister magazine Chronos.

Expertise used in Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe has mastered every aspect of fine watchmaking–from a two-hand watch with a hand-wind and “ordinary” complexities, including an annual calendar and a second-time zone, to intricate masterpieces with minute repetitions, tourbillons, and chronographs with split seconds.

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The use of new, mechanical technology is hand in hand masterly craftsmanship.

The Tradition behind Patek Philippe

It can not be done immediately at this level of expertise. Patek Philippe had existed for 177 years.

And during this period he continually manufactured watches, resulting in an immense amount of experience transferred from one generation to the next.

Vision for the future

While Patek Philippe has a long history, the manufacturing industry is not bound by its past.

On the one hand, it retains the principles of traditional horological art and invests heavily in the use of new materials, technology and methods of production.

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The company has also chosen to design new products such as the Calatrava Pilot Travel Time for pilots in 2015 (which we cover in-depth here).

Quality of Patek Philippe

In Patek Philippe, consistency is the most valuable resource. This is sponsored by all of the businesses.

In 2008 the company introduced rigid standards that often surpass normal industry standards with the introduction of the Patek Philippe Seal.

Nevertheless, the price dedication does not only apply to the watches. It has the highest standards for training employees–from the watchmaker to the retailer, from sales to operation.

Family-owned company

It started in 1839 and has been the head of the Stern family for over 80 years, now owned by his fourth generation.

It means that business values and practices are aligned to a great degree. It also reduces the possibility of radical changes in management, which will most certainly continue along the path to success.

It promotes sustainable development that is closely aligned with the following.


Any individual who buys a watch realizes that he presumably won’t lose any cash in the event that he decides to sell it sometime in the future.

What’s more, it’s completely conceivable that the estimation of the watch will increment after some time, however, it is extremely unlikely to anticipate this in singular cases.

In any case, it’s a consoling actuality, in any event, when a great many people buy a watch basically for their own pleasure and don’t have quick intends to exchange.

For the success of Patek Philippe: Perfect decoration

The nature of hand-applied adornment in the assembling procedure is high, both in strategy and style. Around 40 to 60 stages are required in any event, for subtle parts like wheels.

Craftsman procedures, for example, polish artwork, incredibly sensitive etching, the setting of valuable stones and decorates all assume a critical job.